Welcome to Infinidim.org – Mark Two!

Back in 2001 I decided I needed a web site. In the years that followed I documented various activities – most of them associated with my employment with Emirates and the activities I undertook there both for and apart from my employment as a pilot.

Since I left Emirates and Dubai and moved to Geelong to work for V Australia – Infinidim.Org has lain barely touched. The last three years have been a frenetic ride which hasn’t really subsided at all – but I felt it’s time Infinidim.Org was renovated and I returned to some blogging and documenting of what I’m doing.

Not that the web has been neglected in my absence from Infinidim – much great work was done (mostly by Marty Khoury, but I had some involvement) with Virginetics – a web site dedicated to the pilots and cabin crew of V Australia. Unfortunately with the introduction of the company’s own LMS, Virginetics will come to an end soon.

I’ve also been contributing to Flight.Org – in concert with Marty Khoury, Adam Saddington and a few others – you’ll find a large number of my blog posts over the past couple of years, notably those associated with the Delivery and Inaugural flights of V Australia’s 777 operation, as well as (two years after the event) the blog I wrote associated with Leaving Emirates. I will bring those blogs over to Infinidim at some point.

More recently I’ve been fortunate to be involved with Flight Podcast – broadcasting conversations with such amazing aviators as Eric Moody of Speedbird 9 (“All Four Engines Have Failed”), and just recently John Bartels of QF30 – the inflight oxygen bottle explosion. If you haven’t listened to any of our podcasts I encourage you to do so. I listen to them again even after recording the episodes!

This post is the commencement of my return to personal blogging on Infinidim. I encourage you to also keep an eye on Flight.Org and Flight Podcast – I’ll be posting there as well.

Take care all – Regards, Ken Pascoe.