This evening my daughter introduced me to Wordle ( She’s using it in a school project on her school netbook. She’s in Grade 6. As I recall, I too had a computer when I was her age. It was a Commodore Pet and while I was pretty quickly programming the beast – it still amazes me what Ruby does with her little netbook and the internet.

Worlde is a simple manipulation tool that takes a stream of words that you either – or in this case I’ve pointed it at the rss feed for – and it creates text mashups. The result is highly customisable as you’ll see it you head over to play with it.

What our children are doing with computers as a tool to aid learning is fascinating to watch. Ruby has been assigned this task in order to come up with as many synonyms for the words “Conflict” as she can. I guess in my day at primary school the equivalent would have been a word jumble.

Worldle is a flash plugin – so I hope you aren’t hoping to play with it on a iPhone/iPad anytime soon … 🙂