So having come back to Virgin after a COVID-enforced absence, a common request from a few pilots is for me to update my Wide Body EBA Remuneration Spreadsheet for the Narrow Body 2021 EBA.

Sure, I thought. How hard could that be?

Well …

  • The 2021 EBA is quite a radical change from the previous 2018 EBA (let alone the Wide Body EBA my previous spreadsheet was based on).
  • It includes a transitional arrangement where certain core elements are based on the 2018 EBA until such times as the rostering/day of operations system is upgraded.
  • It is further altered by more tactical arrangements made by Management responding fluidly to real world operational requirements during peak periods where there is a requirement for pilots to actually rock up to work.

Access & Instructions

  • Current version MS Excel XLSX file is here. (Direct Excel Workbook Download).
  • Current Zipped MX Excel XLSX file is here. (Zipped for those having trouble with the XLSX file).

Update Log:

  • Update 02Mar23 : Amended table in Variables Tab to account for Published Roster Credit Protection from RP23/04 onwards.
  • Update 25-Feb-23 :
    (1) Sectors/Block Times for RP23-04 now included.
    (2) Small errors owing to the rounding of Seconds were creeping into the sheet. This is a fundamental problem of the EBA specifying a mix of Credit Hours based on Hours:Minutes and Decimal Values – some of which map out to HH:MM:SS. I have altered some calcs to make the result more closer(er) to what should be there but there is no elegant way to mix the two at the moment. Any errors should be in the region of a few minutes (at most) and their $$$ equivalent. I have left the Variables Tab exposed as well to show the source information (for anyone willing to check my work). – Thanks Steve!
  • Update 15-Feb-23 : (1) Corrected a display issue when zero entries had been made the Credit Totals were showing an error (Err = <0) because vLearn was being deducted. This bug has no impact on calculations. (2) Added a FOSAP duty to the Callout / Canc Call / Other column. Selecting FOSAP ensure a minimum of 4:30 (4:00 under CMS) for any duties completed during a FOSAP duty.
  • Update 11-Feb-23 : Corrections for the way Unpaid Leave is dealt with under CMS. Selecting LV-U/P as a duty code when CMS is selected now reduces the MCG by 2.054 hours and highlights it as FMCG. Thanks Steve!
  • Update 10-Feb-23 : Initial Publication

The sheet runs on Excel (anywhere) including the iPad. There is certain things you can’t do on an Ipad that makes life easier, like copying worksheet tabs etc – but the fundamental calculator works on Excel for IOS. I’ve also spent hours optimising the select boxes for all the entry controls so you don’t actually have to use the iPad keyboard much (if at all).

  • Access a YouTube playlist with short(ish) training videos on the various aspects here.

There are FOUR Training Videos: