So … for the second time in 2 years and the third time in 25 … I’m doing another Type Rating. This time it’s the Boeing 737NG and it’s very … different.

For the first thing – I have LOTS of time. As practically every other pilot who’s ever gone through a type rating knows – this is NOT the normal experience. But I knew about the course 2 months before I started; from my start date it was another 2 months to the start of actual Simulator Training; and the right in the middle the final stage of simulator training I was afforded a 7 day break and a significant disruption in the course thanks once again to the bat that took on the pig in late 2019.

Secondly – I’ve gone from a 777 to a BAe146 and now to the 737. Compared to what I’ve just been flying, the 737 is a marvel of modern technology and automation. Really.

Accordingly – on the back of a vastly different training experience when I took on the BAe146 Type Rating in late 2020 – I’ve had time to do the course my own way on the back of teaching and building type ratings for the past 20 years. The following is the fruits of that labour. (update 05May24)


  • Current PDF Flows Document (22Feb24) – Here.
  • Training Lore PDF document (18Sep23) – Here.
  • Quick Instructional Video on setting up Quizlet (see below for details) – Here.
  • Audio Files (via YouTube) for Memory Items, and Limitations.
  • Briefing document on CASR61 knowledge requirement for the Type Rating Test Here  (Updated 18May24)

B737 SOP Flows Document – Update History

Worth noting that this document will only actually become complete when I stop flying the 737.

  • TBA : Updated Min Cabin Crew complement; EDTO Diversion B738 27K; Change to Step On Board timings; Updated Cold Weather Missed Approach Climb Capability summary table (Flap 30); Hot Weather Missed Approach Climb Capability; Corrected B737 Flap/Lim Speeds Table in Tables (thanks SS); updated non-ACARS CDU Setup to match line ops; reworded factoring in Stopping Solution box of LPA; added Landing Performance Table for YBHM (corrected YBCG/YMLT); Removed MinM+10 from ToC flow; OEI LVO to Landing Flap Selections in Ldg Perf Analysis; added max 20 deg Body Angle to NADP; Added Automation, Flap, Take-off Alternate to Departure Brief (A1); added Automation, Alternate to Arrival Brief (A1); I have succumbed to the inevitable and written out what is a reasonably common sample briefing format from the Line for TR candidates to use; added Ayers Rock to Runway/Parking Ramp and OneNote; added >FL300 for 10 degree bank at TOC.
  • 22.Feb.24 : Flight Deck to Ground call “Ready for Pushback” (thanks SS); added Intersection to Runway ID call Before Take-off; Immediate Return F15+10(+5) & Formatting; Added Spar Valve to Engine Starting; Added Fuel/Hydraulics to Engine Start; Added a table on MAP Climb Gradient capability in Cold Wxr Conditions; Exterior Lights to Before Taxi Flow; Added Flap 15 / Flap 1 Calls to OEI Go-Around; PIC Staff Number on ACARS LMC; HF to AERIS Volmet; OPT Landing Point to LPA diagram; Correction to Jepp 10-9A references in LPA chart; added clarification that no “Engine Failure” or “Fire” calls between V1 and Gear Up; Added a NNM Flow Diagram to cover the basic procedure of responding to a Master Fire/Caution and the subsequent panel review and NNM Handling flow; added a note to conduct a TCAS Test if TCAS does not annunciate on the ND after Airways Clearance; added Black Hole Illusion (BHI) to Threats on Arrival Brief; Added 134 seat B737-700 to Seating Capacity table; Updated Cabin Zones table for 134 seat B737-700 and 182 seat Max-8; added TBU to Increased Passenger Weight Seat Limits table.
  • 18.Oct.23 : CSFF Summary; Immediate Return, Clarification of use of Landing Minima at Departure Airport and Take-off Alternate after Dispatch.
  • 18.Sep.23 : Added No Response to Thrust Lever to Malfunction Analysis; Tidied up notes in Terrain Escape, Windshear, Upset, Stall Recovery; added CCB’s to NNM Management (EFATO); Added ERA’s to Alternate Planning page; Changed Basic Modes Take-off from “Set 250 knots” to “Bug UP” and added ‘Set Speed 250″; added Starter Re-Engage below N2 20% to Start NNM; added note about LVL CHG engaging at current speed to Engine Inoperative Drift Down.
  • 30.Jun.23 : Clarification note on PROB30/40 during TAF3 to EDTO Planning Minima table; Updated Takeoff Diagrams to cover STD noise as well as VNAV delay @ 230 kts; added YBSU overview (finally in Google Maps if not Google Earth!); Altimeter tolerance to CA/FO Pre-flight; RVSM Sensitive Systems to Tables; Added overview for Airspeed Unreliable checklist flow.
  • See the bottom of this page for the rest of the Update History.

Recommended Resources

  • Quizlet ( – See below. Get in contact if you want access to my 737 (or BAe146!) sets.
  • The 737 Handbook ( – Petr’s guide (IOS App) is extraordinary, and continually updated and expanded. The subscription was well worth it and I intend to continue it. As a Line Pilot I expect it to be a useful tool for occasional reference and regular revision. As a resource while undergoing a Type Rating – invaluable.
  • The 737 Management Reference Guide MRG ( – Pat has done an extraordinary job with this tool. As a reference and source of information during the Type Rating it has been great. As a resource reference for a Line Pilot I suspect it will be absolutely invaluable. At time the content comes across like a complete brain dump of decades of knowledge of the aircraft and it’s systems. Once you’ve used it for a while finding the stuff you need is pretty quick. But just a little bit of curiosity takes you down a rabbit hole of linked related content into the depths of the MRG, as an indication of much linkage there is betweens systems and NNMs on a moden aircraft. There is so much there …
  • The 737 Technical Guide ( – This is a definitive reference for 737 technical lore. The information is vast and the associated resources (YouTube, etc) excellent. I bought the book and I’m working through it. I started with the e-book but then decided to go old school and ordered an actual paper book, which has been great to read.
  • The 737 Talk Podcast ( – a great and growing podcast series that serves Technical, Practical and Training needs of someone both learning and flying the 737. These guys are also responsible for …
  • ( – Two Sim Instructor/Examiners who have taken their skills, knowledge and attitude developed over years and years and placed them onto the web. Nicely done.

Quizlet (

Once again I have embraced Quizlet as my study tool of choice. Quizlet allows you to create sets of study cards with text and images on them. You learn these cards using the ubiquitous FlashCard model (Quizlet has other learning tools as well) – consigning those cards you are ok with to History and dwindling down through what remains until you’re ready to start with a full deck. It doesn’t have the ultimate flexibility of Anki, but it syncs across the web to multiple devices, allows sharing of content across multiple users and is more than enough for what I need right now.

While I utilised Quizlet during the BAe146 type rating – this time I have gone all out and it is my primary tool for studying material, as well as building a store of revision/refresh media for future study purposes.

Each and every Powerpoint, PDF, Manual, Course that I have gone through has generated an associated Quizlet set. That currently totals over 60 sets a few of them with hundred cards.

I freely admit that many of these I will never revisit again. As I worked through a Module of CBT – I would create a Quizlet Set on each system, creating study cards to most of the slides in the CBT and incorporating images and diagrams taken from the CBT – in some cases editing the captured image to clarify or correct the content. This is only something I could do with the luxury of time – the allotted 5 days to complete all online content associated with the course would not have been sufficient.

Additionally I have gathered Exam questions on everything from Systems to Operations and Procedural items and created Quizlets for these too.

Finally – as I work through the major tomes that make up the documentation suite for an Airline Operations department (A1 – Flight Operations Manual; B9 – Safety Emergency Procedures manual, etc) – I have created a Quizlet set on each manual with full referencing of the paragraph numbers for content I see as relevant to the operation. As an example, the B9 set has 200+ cards.

I currently have 60+ sets in Quizlet on the B737.

Audio Files

As always, there’s lots of things to commit to memory when learning a new aircraft – and much, much more that you want in your mind if not actually by recall. When it comes to building memory, brute force and varying the media tends to be my solution. So apart from the Quizlet sets – I also record audio of the stuff I really want in my memory and play it over and over again as I drive. This is a system that would work well if I could convince Scarlett Johansson to record them for me, but alas it’s only my dulcid tones just at the moment.

Flow Diagrams

As anyone familiar with my previous content will know – I am a visual learner and learn through content creation. So once again – I’m dragging the text and somewhat lifeless images from the books and manuals to create something I can refer to visually.

Disclaimer :

  • The images below are samples only – see the link at the top for the Source PDF (in the Update History section).
  • As always – I create content for personal use, on the basis of the best I have been taught, researched, and put into practice in the Simulator and the Aircraft. I am barely at the beginning of my time on the Boeing 737NG with lots to learn … The only thing I am confident of at the moment is that some of this will change as I learn more.


Update History (Continued)

  • 26.Mar.23 : Correction : updated the Engine Fire checklist in the NNM on Take-off and Engine Fire Dam-SEP diagrams for the new checklist format (Memory Items complete after 1st bottle fired)
  • 23.Mar.23 : Added Manual Gear Extension door to Prelim Pre-Flt; added Highlighting to the FO Pre-Flight to indicate Action items; added SPEED> and RTA & Still Briefing to Descent Profile; re-arranged Ready for Push/Start items in Push/Start Flow and Sequencing diagram; Added Brief >1,000 fpm in Stable Approach diagram; Added Flap Selection to Landing Performance Analysis; Added reference to N1 Thrust during GA with TO/GA pushed above 2,000 ft RA; Added F/D’s on @ 500 ft on Stable Approach Diagram; Updates for FCOM 53 (Lims, RAAS, EO ACC iso EFFRA); Revised Memory Items on Take-off for new ENGINE FIRE checklist; Updates for A1 (OEI Cat II/II Takeoff Alternate; Infants & Seating Capacity; Pax Weights APW/TBU
  • 02.Mar.23 : Minor grammatical/spelling changes; Swapped IAS/MCP Alt on Shutdown Flow; Amended LAHSO; TOLD Card on Before Take-off Flow; Added CTA/OCTA Transponder reference on Before Taxi Flow; Change Runway Select to Runway Confirmation on Airways Clearance; Added VSD onto Circling Approach; Added Flt Deck Door Sys Test to Prelim Pre-Flight; add ref to APU as Gen in RNP AR Equip; Added RNP AR Last Interception Point to Approach Capture regions diagram.
  • 28.Feb.23 : Split single file into separate files. This shows as nested bookmarks in the document. Added ANP/RNP check to Before Take-off (approaching runway); added ACCEPT> Speeds to the Before Start Performance Check; Pax Weights change; EFATO – added E/Fail during Acceleration [FCTM A.1.7}; Stable Approach (Planned Deviations); YBRM/BME Broome Runway/Apron Diagram; LAHSO summary; corrected Airways Clearance flow to include reference to Transponder 2,000 OCTA; Departure OCTA included a note for Transponder setting; Added reference to AIT in EFATO diagram; change speed increment on Flap 1->5 to +10 on Stable Approach; 2nd Alternate Planning added to Destination/Alternate Planning Diagram; added LVO Deviation 1/4 dot to Stable Approach Deviation calls.
  • 17.Dec.22 : Dest Alternate Planning updated for A1 changes to WA Coastal Destinations; Step on Board timings changed; RAF/RAIM to RNP Setup; RNP removed reference to AP and 500 ft Callout (anyone know where I got that from?); Approach Brief (finally had a go at this, still very much WIP); Brief overview of dealing with Vectors from downwind to a Visual/IVA (YSSY); added Isolated Destination to ETU’s; Climb diagram note to advise CM end of Sterile Flight Deck if Fasten Belts to remain ON; Descent Diagram added note to monitor PA after “Prepare for Landing” PA; Climb – added Reset Minima (EFFRA) to 10,000 ft; added MSA to YBCG VOR Circling OPC; Added PNR to second Alternate in Destination Alternate requirement table; Added some Bali stuff.
  • 20.Nov.22 : 210/3000 added to Stable Approach; .4% N1 for check; YMHB airspace diagram corrected (thanks SS).
  • 14.Nov.22 : Update to Route checking Captain’s Pre-Flight; Highlight that both crew must verify Fuel 3% on Pre-Flight Sequencing; Updated Dest Airport Altn Requirements with RFF; Commitment To Destination added to Dest/Alt Planning; added 2 engine indications required for Engine Failure to Takeoff NNM; Correct Cat C circling approach speed value (160? really?); added to RNP (AR) Approaches; Take-off Alternate Minima lowest Cat I
  • 07.Nov.22 : Update LPoTD on Landing Perf Analysis; CFP Lsalt on OCTA Arrival, General tidy up of minor errors/spelling/formatting across multiple pages; Before Take-off Checklist added to Before Take-off Flow.
  • 06.Nov.22 : Corrected Stable Approach Gear/Flap 15 to 2,000 ft. OCTA Arrivals & Departures update; FMC Route Check after Captain’s Pre-Flight. Re-ordering of pages; Maintaining/Leaving Calls at TOC/TOD.
  • 31.Oct.22 : OCTA Arrival tweaks.
  • 29.Oct.22 : Ballina, OCTA Departure/Arrival, LPA.
  • 27.Oct.22 : Non-ACARS considerations to Descent, Climb; Updated CM Briefing; Cruise Procedures; OCTA Departures/Arrivals; Tidied up RNP AR Approach, Airways Clearance TFC verification, Autobrake Disarm call in Departure Briefing. Added Start Limits to Engine Start NNM; Start Limit indicator removal to Engine Start Procedure; Runway/Performance Checked call added to Before Takeoff; Landing Performance Analysis; Cruise Procedures.
  • 18.Oct.22 : Amended HeadStart Timing (-30) & added COBT considerations; Added Transponder handling for OCTA departures in Airways Clearance and Before Taxi flows; Aerobridge Re-Alignment; CM Briefings; Destination (TAF) QNH in VNAV Descent Forecast page; Amended the Departure Brief to include Accel at MSA for Failure AIT.
  • 12.Oct.22 : Elect Power Up Added; Pre-Flight Overview updated
  • 11.Oct.22 : Refined the Hobart/Launceston/Adelaide/Gold Coast CTA diagrams.  Some tables amended.
  • 10.Oct.22 : Launceston DME Arrivals (MEL/SYD), Gold Cost Landing Performance, Brake Cooling (early days)
  • 07.Oct.22 : Amended Cufew Table, Added COBT and GEN DEC to pushback flow, YSSY MARUB Departure
  • 05.Oct.22 : YSSY Standard Taxi Routes, corrections to tables
  • 02.Oct.22 : Correction to AIP Airspace table; added to Aerodrome Specific Planning Table (C5).
  • 28.Sep.22 : Updated Tables, Change to Windshear Escape manoeuvre!, minor change to FMC setup, FO Pre-Flight updated for 727-30 No Smoking Signs;
  • 26.Sep.22 : Highlighted DUAL BLEED in Before Taxi Flow. Added FCON, EFFRA to Departure Brief, Corrected OEI Gear Down Perf, added reference to SP 8.1 Single Loop Fire/Ovht test in Pre-Flight tests, further look at Launceston arrival and Holding pattern; provision for Elec Power Up/Down and Secure flows
  • 18.Sep.22 : Updates to YMHB and YMLT. Descent Speeds added to Descent Overview. CA does ACARS acceptance of FLS/NOTOC (thanks Alex). Wildlife Strike, LAHSO to tables.
  • 17.Sep.22 : Isolated Pack Engine start added to Engine Start. Clarified 3x Trims check during Captain’s Pre-Flight. Removed Lore. Updates to YMHB. Organised tables somewhat. Also I have started looking at Performance (OEI, Gear Down, SAR, etc)
  • 09.Sep.22 : Starting look at Airports, in particular CTA steps and Terrain into YMHB.
  • 01.Sep.22 : Added Ctr Tank Fuel Pumps to TOC.
  • 31.Aug.22 : Various changes; Added Stable Approach diagram.
  • 18.Aug.22 : Update to YBCG VOR Circle RW14 after OPC. Some Lore changes. General tweaking and feedback from SF
  • 16.Aug.22 : Lore Updates, lots of other tweaks
  • 04.Aug.22 : Updates to Lore, EFATO, YBCG VOR. Added NNM Manoeuvres
  • 29.Jul.22 : Tweaked Departure Brief, Added TOD Checklist to Descent, Updates to the YBCG VOR,
  • 27.Jul.22 : Arc Dist added to YBCG Circling; Note about losing ENG OUT page added to OEI Drift Down
  • 26Jul.22 : YBCG Circling changes, Lore.
  • 25.Jul.22 : Disclaimer added, Version Dates added, Highlight Oxy Qty in Prelim Pre-Flight, Models added to FMC setup, Fuel added to FLS-FMC Performance Check, Initial contact to Gng Eng on Push/Start optional,
  • 23.Jul.22 : Correction to EFATO; Lore.
  • 21.Jul.22 : Initial EFATO done. Many updates to Circuit Diagram (including YBCG/RW14).
  • 18.Jul.22 : Changes to Visual Cct & Lore.
  • 17.Jul.22 : OEI GA – No A/T FMA modes – Doh. Other changes to AEO and OEI GA – thanks Alex. Revised Engine Malfunction Analysis & Calls.
  • 14.Jul.22 : Modified Memory Items on Takeoff based on feedback from MB; Modified Sev Turb note on Climb Page; Note on Descent re DES NOW to avoid Overspeed. More Lore.
  • 13.Jul 22 : Revised Air SP summary into Dispatch with APU Inop; added flowchart.
  • 12.Jul.22 : Added a summary of Air SPs. Tweaked FLS Performance Check
  • 10.Jul.22 : Added reference to Parking Brake, “Clear to Disconnect” in Before Taxi flow. Dep Brief includes 10.7S reference and linked Course Bars to NAVs at end of brief. Even more Lore.
  • 09.Jul.22 : Spelling/Grammar/Clarifying
  • 04.Jul.22 : More inconsequential updates. Also added a bunch of stuff to Lore at the end that I don’t quite know what to do with as yet.
  • 03.Jul.22 : Minor corrections/formatting.
  • 02.Jul22 : Finally had a go at the First Officer Pre-Flight. Not sure it was worth it.
  • 28.Apr.22 : Initial Issue
  • 01.Jul.22 : General tidy-up/formatting. Added Refuelling/Hydraulics to Pre-Flight Sequencing; added reference to A/T in go-around profiles; Lore tidy up.
  • 29.Jun.22 : Corrected PF/PM coloring on Takeoff Profiles; Added Memory Items on Take-Off; other minor corrections/clarifications.
  • 27.Jun.22 : Revised Eng Start Abnormals; Added Pre-Flight Systems Tests; Added Basic Modes Takeoff & Revised LNAV/VNAV; Corrections to Climb procedures; Go-Around minor changes; Lights/Time check added to Start Levers Cutoff in Shutdown Flow; Lore updates
  • 24.Jun.22 : Summary of Engine Start Abnormals underway.
  • 23.Jun.22 : Correction to Cabin Altitude, included C/R in flows, more Lore.
  • 22.Jun.22 : Added a section on Airways Clearance. Move note on ENGINE CONTROL from After Landing to 737 Lore
  • 20.Jun.22 : Added the first Takeoff Profile diagram – AEO LNAV/VNAV
  • 24.May.22 : Correction to the Engine Fire memory items (thanks AD); First Draft of OEI Drift Down
  • 09.May.22 : The Circling Approach into YBCG (with Raw Data Manual Thrust to the Minima) is interesting. More notes for The Lore.
  • 05.May.22 : Added more Lore from sim. Added Severe Turbulence Procedure. Minor corrects (the more I read what I’ve written, the more I find and correct …
  • 30.May.23 : Corrected N1 0.04 to 0.4% on NM:FLS-FMC Entry & Crosscheck; added Twy Exit Distances to YMHB-2; Added a Blank Flight Deck page to the NM Ops Flows; MARUb Departure – added a comment about ensuring the 180kt speed restriction has processed before engaging VNAV; copied YSSY MARUB Departure Page to Normal Ops Flows section; Swapped Director East/West on YSSY Vectors to Final (Doh!); Removed A1 reference on Land Perf – Aiming Point/Slope Guidance; Clarified WXR/TERR on RNP AR; Added HF Pre-Flight Check to FO Pre-Flight; re-ordered the Stands on the YSSY standard taxi diagram 44a-32 (doh); added Clock to FO Pre-Takeoff Flow; added Joining Base note to Visual Circuit diagram; added reference to 450m(OPT) vs 300m(Pilot) to Landing Performance Analysis; added reference to Last Point of Touchdown requiring a visual reference to Landing performance Analysis; Removed Fuel for Furthest Altn from Dest Altn planning chart – PNR only required now; Added 2nd alternate details to Alternate Planning.

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