Howdy All

This spreadsheet is for the benefit of the Wide Body Crew (A330, B777) under the Virgin Australia Wide Body EBA who will be affected by tomorrow announcement. I believe it’s pretty accurate, but as always – all care, no responsibility. Between the difference in LSL between the States and the application of Tax to a Redundancy Payment – it’s a hot mess. I’ve tried to include any and all references that justify how I did the calculation and have included as much detail as I could so you can see how the calculation is done. As always – feel free to contact me with any questions.

I’ve managed to build this without VBA so it will run on the Company iPad – for as long as you have one.

  • Update : 06Aug20 – Small bug in the State Based LSL calculator around 20 years. Thanks PC.
  • Initial Release : 04Aug20

Best of luck to us all. It’s been an incredible ride.


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