The next phase of refresher training includes dispatch without the benefit of Electronic Checklist (ECL). This is going to such fun to watch …

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Practices & Techniques : Dispatch without ECL

When the ECL is failed or disabled …

  • EICAS does not display checklist icons [] beside alert messages.
  • Crew are required to use the paper checklist in the QRH for Normal and Non Normal checklists.
  • When the QRH inhibits a checklist (“Do not accomplish the following checklists:”) this needs to be noted down by the crew for the follow up EICAS Review.
  • When a QRH NNM references a Note (“Note: Use Flap 20 and …”) these need to be collected by the crew – either written down or ideally the page in the QRH marked for later reference.
  • Note that pressing the CHKL switch displays a CHECKLIST DISABLED message on the lower MFD.

In the event of a significant failure with multiple EICAS Alerts, crew will need to prioritise the messages using Warning/Caution/_Advisory status without the assistance of checklist icons [] on EICAS. For each message, the QRH will need to be consulted to see if there’s a NNM checklist associated with the alert, unless a previous checklist has advised “Do not accomplish …”.

The EFIS  [CHKL] button  -> CHECKLIST DISABLED feature can be used to reduce the chance of forgetting a Normal checklist. The PM should still press the [CHKL] button as part of the standard flows (see below), and the CHECKLIST DISABLED message then serves as a prompt for the need to accomplish a NM checklist. Similarly when a NNM checklist is held (eg: Fuel Jettison) the CHKL / CHECKLIST DISABLED can be used to remind the crew of an outstanding NNM.

After extended use with ECL, using a paper checklist requires set of CRM skills that may well be rusty in crew. Care needs to be taken to work methodically through NNM’s and care taken to ensure NM checklists are remembered and actioned.

  • End of Before Start Flow (Before Start Checklist)
  • End of After Start Flow (After Start Checklist)
  • End of Takeoff Review (Before Takeoff Checklist)
  • Flaps UP after takeoff (After Takeoff Checklist)
  • Gear Down/Flap 20 (Before Landing Checklist)
  • End of After Landing Flow (After Landing Checklist)
  • Fuel Jettison “When Fuel Jettison Complete …”